09 March 2010

End the Fed: Internet Radio Discussion

I'm pleased to announce that I will be interviewed by American author Chris Wilson on his internet radio show on Thursday 3-5PM, New Zealand time (Wednesday, 10 March 2010 at 9-11PM EST) in a review of Dr. Ron Paul's recent book End the Fed referring to the US central bank, the Federal Reserve System. Dr. Paul is a Texas congressman who is well known as an advocate of limited, constitutional government in the United States of America.

Dr Paul advocates and end to the Federal Reserve System, and a return to the gold standard. He also advocates prohibition of fractional reserve banking.

The show is live, and readers are encouraged to listen live, and to call in to take part in the discussion or ask questions. New Zealand callers can call toll free on 0800 895 213, or call the American number: (347) 945 5419. The recording of the show will also be available afterward.


Otepoti said...

A comment!

(Maybe not a very bright one, though, so don't get excited.)

If fractional reserve banking were ended, wouldn't that drive interest rates sky-high?

(Especially at the moment, when there are so few savings about. I save my family support every year, and I tell you, I'm not lending it out to anyone for less than 18%)

And wouldn't skyhigh interest rates be a very bad thing?

(I remember the stagflationary eighties, you see.)


David Hillary said...

Thanks for your question and comment. Yes, I think ending frb could increase interest rates, as banks would have less funding and they would have to pay more to get finance from other sources. Returns for savers, of course, would be less, because their bank account balances would not bear interest.

Please call up and listen to the show on Thursday, and you can ask questions as well if you like.

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